Kareena Zerefos - Signed and NumberedOk so I actually posted about this work from Australian artist; Kareena Zerefos back in 2011….I am just crossing my fingers that you are either new or have a really bad memory! I couldn’t help but put it in front of you all again after spotting a new release Kareena’s “From the Menagerie” collection by Melbourne gallery; Signed and Numbered to celebrate their 3rd birthday. Check it AND the giveaway below!

Kareena Zerefos - Signed and NumberedKareena Zerefos - Signed and NumberedKareena Zerefos - Signed and NumberedKareena Zerefos - Signed and Numbered

Annnnddddd…. Signed and Numbered have VERY kindly offered one complete set of The Menagerie Open Edition set of 5 valued at $100AU!

UPDATE: thanks everyone who entered across the blog, facebook and instagram! The super lucky winner drawn at random is Liz Glazier!

*On the blog – let us know in the comments below one other artist that catches your eye listed on the Signed and Numbered website

*On Instagram – locate the giveaway post on the Studio Home instagram feed and regram, tagging @studiohome, @signedandnumbered and the hashtag  #thankssignedandnumbered. Make sure your settings are set to public annnd check out the feed of Kareena Zerefos (@littlekareena)!

*On Facebook – locate the givewaway post on the Studio Home FB page and leave a comment under the image with one other artist you like listed on the Signed and Numbered website. If you are an art lover don’t forget to “like” Signed and Numbered too!

Enter across all three platforms for more chances to win!
Open to Australian and NZ readers only sorry and drawn at random on Monday 16th of Sept.

Signed and Numbered/Kareena Zerefos Giveaway

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25 Responses to Retrospective

  1. Yeshe says:

    I love this competition Julia!! Kareena’s prints are beautiful & fingers crossed, touch wood I win. Another artist I liked from the signed & numbered website is Auf Wiedersehen. Thanks! x

  2. Andi says:

    These are beautiful. Such a gorgeous feel about them!

    My other fav from their website is Caitlin Rigby.
    Very cool.


  3. Jess says:

    I love Kareena’s artwork as well as Kelly Smith’s – such beautiful and mesmerising portraits!

  4. Amanda says:

    Such beautiful works! I also love Natalie Martins works… beautiful illustrations!

  5. Caroline Foote says:

    I love Miso, or Stanislava Pinchuk.

    Thanks for the chance to win! x

  6. Haylie says:

    I love Kareena Zerefos work! Also love Bec Winnel’s Muliebrity from Signed and Numbered.

  7. Leigh says:

    I’ve loved kareena zerafos ever since I saw her original of ‘wolf and boy’ in Byron a couple of years back. Another artist I love is ghostpatrol from the signed and numbered site 🙂
    I’m also LOVING your blog! Very excited to have discovered it.

  8. Kirsten says:

    I think Auf Wiedersehen’s prints are really cool! And obviously Kareena Zerefos’ too 🙂

  9. Katrina Tomaszek says:

    So in love with Kareena’s Menagerie collection. Thanks for a great giveaway 🙂

    I am also a big fan of Ghost Patrol. Hoping to see more GP works on S&N soon.

  10. Chi Phung says:

    Thank you for this , I love love the works of Kareena Zerefos

  11. Katrina says:

    Gorgeous, love her work. So dreamy. I also like the Auf Wiedersehen prints 🙂

  12. Ed says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this Ju 🙂 I REALLY like Natalie Martins work …that wee owl is super cool might have to put it on my wish list!
    Ed x

  13. Heidi-Ann says:

    I am enjoying Auf Wiedersehen’s illustrations at the moment, they are my cup of tea. x

  14. Eugenia says:

    I adore the work of Kareena Zerefos. Her work is whimsical and beautiful. Of the artists on the signed and numbered website, I also love the work of Kelly Smith, and Ghostpatrol, Bec Winnel and Beth Emily. Apologies, there are too many talented artists represented by Signed and Numbered and I can’t choose just the one…

  15. Alexandra Holmes says:

    Love kareena’s work! I also love kelly smith’s illustrations! I have loved both of their art for years!

  16. Esz says:

    Oh this would be quite fabulous to win. Very haunting images. I love them!
    Other great artists on the Signed & Numbered site – I think Miso and Natalie Martin 🙂

  17. camilla says:

    Thirty60.. Love the deer heads… But love this artist more!

  18. Angela Beaumont says:

    Wow these are amazing!!! One other artist I like on Signed and Numbered is Ian Mutch 🙂

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  20. Lisa says:

    thanks so much for the chance to win! Kareena’s prints are utterly gorgeous. I have been immersing myself in the other lovely art at signed & numbered, & I really like the style of Moose Allain– fab colours & a slightly twisted sense of humour. my kind of thing exactly! (though it was hard to pick just one artist, because they’re all amaaaaazing!)

  21. Liv says:

    Oooh love these!! Amy Howard would be my fave, second to Kareena!

  22. elissa c says:

    I love Slicer’s work

  23. So glad I stumbled across this blog. These prints are just beautiful, Kareena Zerefos has been a huge inspiration to me for a long time, as well as Kelly Smith (who would have to be my other choice of artist on Signed and Numbered). So much incredible talent and inspiration. Makes me incredibly excited about a career in the creative industry.

  24. Chaoite says:

    Just one?! In that case, Auf Wiedersehen would be my pick.

    I’m absolutely smitten with your blog (and IG feed) and love exploring the spaces of such interesting and creative people vicariously though your pictures.

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful competition with us all.

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