Rising from the dump to the wall!

Andi Regan is a clever clever women (clever bastard!) from over in my new neck of the woods in Wanaka! I have always been a bit wary of the whole “upcycled art” scene…but woah…I am sold on the beautiful, intricate work of Andi’s! Visit here and see more goodness!

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One Response to Rising from the dump to the wall!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I'm a bit curious as to the context of your work. I have read you are "inspired by my desire to turn rubbish, destined for landfill into decorative art."
    Are your cable tie works recycled used cable ties, or new ones? If they are new how does using on mass a plastic object relate to your other work of turning rubbish destined for landfill into objects? The two ideas seem at kind of different ends of the spectrum.