Rollie + Jodee Knowles

Rollie with Jodee KnowlesMy love of Australian footwear brand; Rollie has been no secret so when they kicked off their collaboration series “Enemies of Gravity” with talented and quirky artist Jodee Knowles I knew there would be some goodies to share with you!

Joining with creative partners, the VCCP agency and like-minded photographers The Pool Collective, the collaboration has been presented as more than a campaign – it’s become abit of a work of art on all levels!

Check out the cool timelapse at the end of the post which documents Jodee creating her work you see above inspired by the collab theme and taking part in the awesome shoot, all in those shiny patent red Derby’s which will be available online here soon.
Rollie got so into the collaboration that they have also printed her work onto a a limited run of boots also available in the new year.
I’ll keep you posted.

Rollie with Jodee Knowles Rollie with Jodee KnowlesRollie with Jodee KnowlesRollie with Jodee KnowlesRollie with Jodee KnowlesRollie with Jodee Knowles

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