Fishing for Friday

Jono Winnel went fishing with his Dad. What a gorgeous memory.

1. Obsessively in love with this new print at!

2. The new print from Sarah Hankinson… largescale..perfect for my wall…hello? to me credit card?..


4. Always interesting to see an artwork in progress.

5. Cute, creative and charming Madame Fancy Pants is celebrating a birthday!

6.  Thinking of getting something great for your darling mum but a little stuck for her day? Hit Father Rabbit. He knows…

7.  In Wellington? This is totally worth an afternoon peruse!

I have no probs admitting that I am a Monarchist. For you dear readers that are from countries not part of the British Commonwealth, this may not have much bearing. It is a slightly controversial subject down under as both NZ and Australia at this point are part of it with a large portion of the both populations wanting to break free. I do kind of question..”breaking free from what?”  Without dragging you in to a Friday arvo history lesson of colonialism and its turbulent history I just want to quickly say that the Queeny and her cronies have little or anything to do with the running of our countries, but a vast majority of us who live here can hail our ancestry from that little northern isle. Because of this, and respecting the input of our young and vital men and women or served in the world wars to protect the “homeland” and our place on the globe, I think there is nothing wrong with celebrating and embracing the good aspects of where it all started. With this said, I am pro Diana and put my hand up as crushing on her eldest dashing prince in my youth, so why not have some scones, don some jewels and celebrate something completely extravagant annnnnd joyful as a wedding! (kind of obvious that I am also pro weddings…of varying magnitudes..)

Tonight some of my crew are gathering at Camilla’s for a Royal Themed potluck dinner that will most likely be heavy on the wine, light on the wedding (after checking out Kate’s garb) and hopefully keeping tabs on the NZ Breakers basketball road to glory!

Have a good one peeps!

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One Response to Fishing for Friday

  1. carina says:

    yay for the wedding! everyone I know is super excited!!!!