Rug up!!!….in style of course…

I was perusing one of my FAVOURITE downunder based blogs, The Design Files and discovered divine Melbourne based handicraft label Ellka. YUMMY!!!!! The temperature in Queenstown has plummeted to the point that even all our autumn colours have lost their grip. So when I saw these chunky knitted and crocheted items of goodness I rubbed my hands together in excitement (and to keep warm!!)
Visit the Ellka site, click on your desired pic and an email is set up so that you can send through your order. I realllly want the Willow Cap…but oh…what colour???

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2 Responses to Rug up!!!….in style of course…

  1. Uncle Beefy says:

    We’re just gearing up for Summertime here in Seattle but am a sucker for Wintertime clothing…so cozy. Great stuff and I love the pics too…the woman smiling in the red hat just make me happy looking at her 🙂 Love the yellow scarf too! Stay warm, Ju!

  2. MILF says:

    I love these cosy knits, they make me want to snuggle up by an open fire and sip on a hot chocolate with a dash of Baileys! The hats are super cute, a great accessory for the winter!