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Sally Goodall - Studio HomePhotographer Sally Goodall has the most infectious killer watt smile its impossible to resist the grin that will spring to your own lips on meeting her. Originally from Auckland, Sally relocated to her husband Callums’ native Melbourne in 2009 and its a move that has agreed with her. She has rapidly built up a portfolio of private and commercial clients which, among others, include Rollie and Lululemon. But its her collaborative partnership with fellow photographer Tori Simson that has led her into the creative world of wedding photography and a full calendar that takes them around Australia and the world.

Enjoy this peek down a Richmond side street into the enviable apartment and studio that Sally shares with her little family, business partner, stream of clients and nosey wandering kiwis.

Sally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio HomeAll photography by Julia Atkinson for Studio Home.

WHO: Sally Goodall. Photographer, part time painter & a serious pooch & puss cat lover. My hubby Cal & I share this space with Possum our cat & wee ‘Benji’, our puppy dog. They are fast becoming friends. It melts my heart. Cal runs & owns an online adventure tourism business concentrating on selling activities through out NZ & OZ. I fell into my passion of photography a few years ago & haven’t looked back since. I love it! I shoot weddings with my very good friend Tori….we have a ball together & feel super lucky to have found each other. I also shoot portraits & a bit of commercial stuff here and there.

WHAT: The place we like to call home is a warehouse conversion. When we first found this wee gem it reminded us of a New York style apartment. In the first month I reckon I skipped down the hallway every morning (just a little over joyed!).

So upstairs is home – where we are flooded with beautiful natural light, huge windows, a high stud, white exposed brick, polished concrete/wooden floors, floor to ceiling book shelves…..and my most fave thing ever, a bath tub. Do you know how hard it is to find a bath tub in Richmond?!
Downstairs is our photography studio. We were super fortunate to have come across this find. We have a separate office space downstairs also where we get the majority of our work done(our editing cave). When we are not here we are hitting up one of our fave cafes ‘Cheerio’ (who seriously do the best porridge in Melbs!) with our laptops in tow or even better getting our butts around the “Tan” (botanical gardens). This is where all our great ideas happen. We are like wee school girls …it gets a bit exciting thinking of all the fun possibilities…….Watch this space…

WHERE: We are residents of Jessie Street (in what’s known as the Island State) suburb of Richmond…they say once you move here you never leave. Yes we can see why! We neighbour mostly commercial businesses. The beautiful & talented ladies of Flower Jar, Ginger Recording Studios, a film maker of docos, a magazine house…you name it! We have just started a Jessie St pot luck dinner every month……it’s super fun! And it’s so nice to be able to wander home after a few too many vinos and know that your front door is just a few steps away(& bed for that matter). The thing I love most about Richie is the location -we are so close to everything. My hubby is super passionate about his sports so having the MCG & all the other stadiums at our finger tips is heaven for him. I love being close to my friends, the cafes & botanical gardens and the city is a 2 minute train ride away too. And if you are after a bargain you can wander the back streets of Richmond & stumble across loads of hidden treasures.  Fashion designer’s warehouses with endless sales…….it’s trouble with a capital T.

DESCRIPTION: So we stumbled across this place by pure chance. Cal and I were living a stones throw from here in a much smaller space & were both renting separate offices. After 4 years we thought why not combine the two and find a super cool living space where one of us could work from home. And we did. Literally a week later I popped out for a wander and found myself staring at this bright orange door ….when someone came out and offered to show me around I jumped at the chance. Once inside I immediately called Cal and said ‘babe get over here now….this is amazing’. And just like that we managed to land our humble abode.

The reason it works for us is we just have so much space, it’s super central to everything, we love our neighbours , our views are pretty cool too & having the studio downstairs is the icing on my cake. We just LOVE being at home…

This interview was made possible with the support and partnership of Elk.
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3 Responses to Sally Goodall – Melbourne

  1. Jim Pollard says:

    Great stuff! Awesome photos Julia!

  2. Jessica Arthur says:

    So proud of you Sals! I loved reading this blog. Looking forward to opening the orange door one day. I love that you live down Jessie Street and that Ginger Recording Studios is not far away!! Ha ha it’s like I’m there.

  3. Sally says:

    Thank you for the beautiful write up Miss Julia and fun photos to match! Jeswa there is a reason we live on Jessie St my girl!! Xx