San Francisco + my heart

And this is the photo dump to beat them all! I have just so many more but could only bear to squeeze it down this much for you. With all the planning and excitement around my trip to New York, I had really done no planning or even thinking about my 3 day stop in San Francisco.  I guess this was mostly due to the fact that I was going to be staying with my friend Stephen and just going with the flow as opposed to my solo missions and interview schedule I had on the other coast. WELL. I have very strong feelings of love for this city. Where NYC is all brownstone, tight and buzzing – SF is white, light and casual. It might help that the weather was spectacular, I indulged in a true USA Halloween and then was lucky enough to hang with the boys to watch the final of the baseball World Series where the local treasured team, the Giants won….and then s**t got crazy as you can see from the images down the bottom. Lots of walking, a hungover but brilliant touristy open top bus tour and a rapidly culminating obsession of the areas architecture pretty much consumed me.
I really hope you enjoy the pics and this inspires you to take an adventure like me. Stephen might even have you to stay!!

Until next time….

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3 Responses to San Francisco + my heart

  1. Mons says:

    Hey Julia,
    Amazing pictures! What camera do you use?
    Mons 🙂

  2. julia says:

    Hi Mons 🙂
    It’s a Canon G12 (there are two later models on the market, but this one was a goody and in my price range) So glad you like the pics!


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