seatbelts on

Just grabbed this magazine in passing (as us mag addicts tend to do!) and have just spent a good portion of my “hardworking” afternoon with my head buried in its pages. Fantastic. Fresh. Creative. Visual feast.

If you have got a minute take the time to read about Pilot below. Hits the nail on the head why magazines are still appealing in the internet age.

Don’t think the thought hasn’t crossed our mind. It’s a strange and challenging time to be launching a new magazine, this much we know. Our view is that if you’re going to launch a new magazine today, there’s little point in not aiming high. Different kinds of magazines exist for different kinds of reasons. For instant media gratification the Internet will always be king. Always current, bursting with a bewildering array of information, images and viewpoints catering to each and every audience you can imagine and some you couldn’t. The Internet has changed the media landscape but the beautiful romance of the printed page will always hold a special kind of allure. There’s a unique kind of visual pleasure that belongs to the self-contained universe of the magazine alone. The very best magazines today are fighting to break out of the ‘magazine’ genre itself. These carefully curated titles aspire to reach beyond the disposable nature of the mass-market. Blending different qualities to create a crafted hybrid of manifesto, art gallery, magazine periodical, exhibition space, collectable archive, and yes, book – PILOT aspires to be all of these and more.

PILOT celebrates contemporary creative culture, showcasing a diverse mix of art, design, fashion, architecture and photography. PILOT champions a new Zeitgeist based on creativity, authenticity, ethical consumption and a new appreciation for the role that art, design and technology play in shaping our lives. Drawing on a global network of creative talent, PILOT presents fresh perspectives, stunning art and photography, and a grand visual narrative that connects the dots between past, present and future.

PILOT is about the necessary, the interesting, the fresh and the new.

Issue #1 in stores now.

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One Response to seatbelts on

  1. andy says:

    PILOT is hot 🙂

    VERY audacious!