See the light Friday

Camilla Stoddart putting art into sports (this time at the Queenstown Bike Fest). Time and time again …

1. LOve love love these light shades! ech! the colours!

2. Follow the yellow brick road to this sweet little boutique in Auckland

3. An amazing collection artists are partaking in this Japan fundraising exhibition kicking off today at Espionage Gallery in Adelaide. Would love to be there!

4. Quick! Closing down sale full of sweet girly printed tees and tops!

5. Lovely new brooch designs at That Vintage

6. A sneak peek at an artist at work!

7. Beautiful, whimsical and floaty new kiwi music and video from Watercolours.

If your weekend has the weather forecast that mine has-I hope you have suitably feathered your nest for some movie watching and book reading! Tonight I’m heading to one of Iona’s famous dress up parties with the theme ” A Day at the Zoo”. Despite considering going as a black panther, turtle, frog, back end of a giraffe I am veering now toward geeky young zoo guide as I am about to tear off over the hill to Queenstown for work and am very short of arts and crafts time!

Have a great one peeps xo

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