simple and sweet

I’m not a major fan of NZ inspired designs (like masses of silver ferns etc)…unless they are quite retro or kitsch…but I LOVE these delicate, subtle, organic ceramics from Nelson artisit Rose Griffin.

“My inspiration is driven by my interest in designing ceramics that are elegant and playful, speak of New Zealand Aotearoa, and are very functional. The pieces start out as slabs, and I am largely treating them as 2d objects in a similar way to working on paper. My pattern-making has a fresh, expressive quality and I use ceramic pencil and black stains in an inky, casual manner. I like the idea that you can choose to use a piece as a decorative object, a gift, or use it every day!”
Find her at Clever Bastards
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2 Responses to simple and sweet

  1. lupinbunny says:

    I think it’s a pity you aren’t much into the NZ inspired stuff. Everything you’ve put on your blog is so fresh and creative. I don’t think Australia has any similar patriotic-but-in-a-fresh-way vibe going (or perhaps it does, but, like you do with Kiwiana, I automatically cringe at Australiana…).

  2. Linda Fahey says:

    I met Rose at the Nelson outdoor market while travelling in NZ. As a ceramic artist myself, I noticed the beauty of her work immediately!

    Pretty, light and wonderfully made.