slide to excitement

I am officially on countdown. Today is my last day ever working in Marketing for Treble Cone, Monday week I drive out of Wanaka with my life crammed into my car, hit Christchurch and get in a series of large tin birds enroute to NYC on Wednesday night. Surreal, exciting, bittersweet and just generally hard for my brain to take in!

This week I am getting ready to introduce you to some cool plans I have in the pipeline for NYC and the downright awesome brands that have partnered with me to help to happen. YAY!!

In the mean time, I have watched this video from James K Lowe a handful of times, soaking up the madness and vibe of New York and trying to imagine what I will see!


Shot over a trip to check out New York Fashion week, you will also spot Kiwi fashion blogging top stars Katherine Lowe and Isaac Hinden-Miller. 

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One Response to slide to excitement

  1. carina says:

    Im soooo jealous!! I love NYC – best city ever!