Smile Clothing

Smile ClothingSmile Clothing is a refreshing front to how modern social enterprises can look and behave. An idea bought to life by a group of Australian friends with a passion for surfing, travel and a shared enthusiam to give back , they came up with the plan to build a business based on a simple “One for One” concept. For every item of clothing they sell – they donate a school uniform or t-shirt to a child in need. So far communities in Indonesia, Kenya, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India and outback Australia have been on the happy end of their clothing drops. What’s more the Smile team produce a simple but cool collection of clothing that you will actually WANT to buy!
Take a look at their current range and the great imagery and films that they shoot and produce themselves…. I think there might be a lot more to come from these smiley guys!
Smile ClothingSmile ClothingSmile Clothing

Smile ClothingSmile ClothingSmile ClothingSmile Clothing Smile Clothing

Smile Clothing Drop Australia 2013. from Smile Clothing. on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to Smile Clothing

  1. Anon says:

    Hey there! I love that you so often share social enterprises here – I love that they’re being supported and that people are able to hear about great things being done. That also goes for your readers who are interested in this – it’s great that they want to know!
    That said, I wanted to add some thoughts here about the efforts of ‘giving back’ that this group are choosing to respond through, in a ‘one for one’ clothing program. Unfortunately the spaces of ‘ethical clothing choices’ and ‘ best practice development’ that seek to genuinely see an end to global poverty are both blurry topics. The ‘best’ way to do these things is disputable at best, and there’s a large amount of ‘grey’ area out there – this said, there’s some clear definite good ways to do things, and some definite unhelpful actions too. Donating clothing is one of the more unhelpful things we can be doing, both in trying to offer an ethical clothing option for consumers, and also for development work that actually effectively works to end extreme poverty for communities. Here’s a link to a page that outlines why this is the case really well:
    I’m passionate about both ethical clothing and development, and it’s actually my day job to speak to people about these topics. I really hope that your readers come to know that while this initiative has a great heart, it’s not always going to be fruitful and effective in bringing positive change to the great social need in our world. I’d really encourage people who are interested to learn more about this to go and reaearch more for themselves.
    Much love to yourself, your readers, and the passionate people at smile clothing.

    • Susan says:

      Wow Anon,

      I’ve always been told that there are people in this world who do, and people in this world who talk about doing…

      If we all sat around and spoke about doing then not a lot would get done right?

      I fail to see how the efforts of a company to direct their profits towards putting a school uniform on the back of a child less fortunate than us should be spoken about as ‘unhelpful’?

      Kudos to Smile Clothing and kudos to Studio Home for exposing me to their clothes, I know what I’ll be buying my boyfriend for his birthday!

      warmest regards

    • julia says:

      Hi Anon,
      Thanks for your opinon, thats what these comment spots are for. I guess my personal feeling when giving quite strong opinons as a challenge to what I have posted is that you would stand behind your comments with your name made public. Anyway, I’m inclined to agree with Susan in the fact that while Smile Clothing my not in your opinion, be offering the most helpful form of assistance to kids in need, they are in fact still offering something that is positive AND importantly making their own attempt to offer alternatives to plain ol’money sucking business. They are also NOT a charity….they are a business with social considerations and ambitions. Anyway, as mentioned I do appreciate your opinion and you wrote it really well.
      Over and out Ju 🙂

  2. Ju B says:

    Awesome! I don’t know if its just been a long day but that got my eyes sweating a little. x