oooohhhhh one last quick post then I will get onto my dollar hunting!!
Another great australasian find from Modamuse ( I am worried for my credit card when I visit this site!!!) Olof’s Daughter offers you a divine, lush, soft hand felted & sewn cushion cover. Super Soft 100% Australian Merino Wool. MMMmmmmmmm

“Olofsdaughter was created to stop Misa & Julie from redecorating and redecorating their places and to give an avenue to others to redecorate their own places with exciting & current textile art. Not a day goes by and new concepts float into olofsdaughter’s heads and the buzz of creating materialises. Their love for felt is evident in the quality and range of work, which includes baby blankets, neck warmers, cushions, bed nets and notebooks to date.”

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  1. David MacGregor says:

    I like your Blog, saw it mentioned on the tele this morning.