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Material Creative and Glassons

There are some exciting things going on with our nations (NZ) most popular chainstore.  Glassons has been rejuvinated by the arrival of new creative director Adam Bryce (the founder of massive street culture site SlamXHype) and his awesome collaborative approach. Yes I might be a tiny bit biased but bringing on board Toni and Liv from Material Creative to go nuts with some darts in the Newmarket store was a damn great idea. I caught up with the girls while they were wrangling some wayward darts and captured a few shots for you all to check out.

Watch this space for more Material Creative projects and sneak peeks and I would strongly suggest keeping an eye on Glassons as I think its experiencing a bit of a revolution!

Material Creative and GlassonsMaterial Creative and GlassonsMaterial Creative and Glassons


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