Stephanie Somebody, The School NZ

I have been dying to share a full post about my instagram heroine; Stephanie Somebody for ages, but because of this series of interviews covering the NZ bound dream team for The School, I knew I needed to bide my time…

First things first – instagram is not just for the kids ya’ll! To me it is rapidly overtaking Facebook as a visual forum to share compact shots of your work, behind the scenes, inspiration, personal pics not to mention terrific networking opportunities. Australian based creative Stephanie Somebody harnessed it early on and has grown a loyal following of 126 000 plus!!

I highly reccommend you head to Stephanies insta feed for a good old fashioned stalk ( you can still view this online if you are not yet an account holder on your phone!) and then take some time to check out the short interview below to find out what makes this creative tick and what exactly her class is all about!

Stephanie Somebody, The School NZStephanie Somebody, The School NZStephanie Somebody, The School NZStephanie Somebody, The School NZStephanie Somebody, The School NZ


-What is your day job?
My day job is changes all the time, which I love! I have been working mostly as a prop and interior stylist and I also work as an art direction for film and consultant for interior fitouts. So anything and everything at the moment!

-What led you to do what you do?
My office job was making me feel disconnected from the world and I was craving change in the work I was producing. So I took the leap and quit to work for myself and haven’t looked back! Now I can use my own visual voice to create work and its amazing.

-What are your favourite aspects of your chosen work?
I love that I am doing something different every day. It is so amazing to be working and connecting with inspirational peers.

 -Tell us about your class you teach at The School?
I am teaching an Instagram Debunked class which is developed to build your audience on the platform. By sharing my story and everything I have learnt along way students will take away what they need to create a beautiful and inspirational feed and connect with a like minded community. The class tends to become a discussion, which makes every class a little different.

 – Who would it interest and why should I tell my friends to go?
I think people who are looking for a little bit of inspiration and confidence in using the app for personal or professional use. One of my favorite things about the class is it becomes like a mini Instameet and everyone can meet face to face!  So much fun!

– To be purely nosey….can you share your top go-to spots online that you rove for inspiration?
Would it surprise you if I said Instagram? I follow so many inspirational makers and creatives and I love having a glimpse into their process and travels.

The School

Good news is……I have ONE spot to giveaway to Stephanie Somebody’s Instagram Debunked class in Auckland on the 3rd of November!!! (I’m entering under a fake name…)

TO ENTER: In the comments below OR on Facebook here, please let us know your own instagram handle and your favourite account that you follow.
eg. I am @studiohome and my favourite feed is @stephanie_somebody.

OR TO ENTER ON INSTAGRAM: head to @studiohome, locate the competition image and share, tagging @studiohome and #theschoolnzinstagram. Don’t forget tag your favourite instagram feed too! (make sure you set your account to public or I can’t see it!)

The winner will be drawn at random next Monday 9th September at 6pm. Open to NZ residents only.

With combined entries from the blog, Facebook and Instagram the lucky instageek drawn at random is Katrina Nurse!! Thanks for your entries everyone. 

Check out our interview with Megan Morton and learn more about the NZ classes here.


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  1. Katrina says:

    I am @katrinalee11 and my favourite instagram account is @houseinhabit

  2. Tina! says:

    I am @roomienz and my fav insta is Katrinalee11

  3. Lydia Reusser says:

    I am @misslyd and my favourite feed (it’s so hard to choose just one) is @emersonmerrick, a brooklyn based florist with a beautiful instafeed full of amazing flowers!

  4. Ellie says:

    I’m @extracurricularmagazine and my favourite is @sandradieckmann, who I started following after seeing her great talk at Semi-Permanent. Def hard to choose only one though – Stephanie Somebody is a solid fave too!

  5. Jade says:

    I’m @jadelim888 who ❤s @silverspies feed.

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