Still loving the pad Eveline!

I have a arty, obsessive kind of crush on the work of Eveline Tarunadjaja…which is obvious cos this is my second post about her. But I was cruising around looking for vibrant, young, bold pieces to buy for a current interior project and I got reallllllllllllyyyyy stuck on her site, drooling over her latest prints. All are available from her site and she posts anywhere from her Aussie base.
Hmmmm. Sighhhh. Which one ….

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2 Responses to Still loving the pad Eveline!

  1. Shelli says:

    isnt her work so lovely and cool! I just drool at her talent! anyway, i came by to say hi and thanks for the comment over at my little space. (im so very bad at checking my blog and kindly figure no one reads it! haha!) and here i am…your blog is fab!

    I loved the peek into your gorgeous apartment a couple posts ago! You have a really great eye and someday if I can afford it I would hire you in a second! 😉

    xo shelli dorfe (studio mela)

    ps: thanks for the mention in your blog! you are so sweet!

  2. lilysmakebelieve says:

    oo we love eveline too! I was spoilt by my dad at christmas and got the original of the girl swimming with the whale.

    her calendars are beautiful too! thank you for having such delighful blog. 🙂