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Auckland Architecture Student project
From left to right: Libby Morgan 23, Naomi Steele 20, Liz Acland 20, Sophie Boberg 21, Hana Greer 19.

I have wanted to include student work on Studio Home for agggeeessss and finally I have a cool series of posts lined up which follows an exciting and large scale project from that group of young second year Architecture students above!

As part of the Auckland Heritage Festival, 28 groups of students at the Auckland School of Architecture have been challenged with a variety of projects around re igniting the suburb of  New Lynn. They were given the opportunity to ride the train to the end of the line and explore the area which was once one of New Zealands most prolific industrial zones producing; amongst other things – cork, bricks and Crown Lynn Pottery. The area is now ear tagged for intensive housing and development as a major transport and commuter hub – but needs a bit of life injected!

So yesterday I had the opportunity to head onto campus and meet the group of young savvy women collaborating under the moniker; fifth and check out the concept they were forming around the theme of “Here + Now”.

Auckland Architecture Student projectAuckland Architecture Student project

Under the watchful eye of their tutors/architects; Hamish Stirrat and Richie Pearce of Fabricate the girls began by exploring a New Lynn demolition yard to learn about the materials used in the area over the years. Here they took huge inspiration in the actual way the materials were stored – it was the patterns that got them thinking (Eg. rows and rows of neatly stacked but decaying doors etc). By the time I caught up with them they were essentially half way through their project but very much following the tried and true design process of drawing, making, experimenting, failing, re-inventing and essentially feeling their way from raw idea to a complete and tight concept.

Auckland Architecture Student projectAuckland Architecture Student projectAuckland Architecture Student project

Not shying away from getting their hands dirty or operating what I think looks like pretty initimidating machinery (!!) they worked hard to complete their first working model to present to a panel of judges last Friday. “The Jury” was made up of NZ architects Craig Moller, Charles Walker, David Shepard, Kate Rogan and world renown duo Tezuka Architects who are currently guests of the University.

Now they are refocussing on how to transform their small model into a life size experience including developments to make it interactive and attractive for humans. All teams are also responsible for fully funding their projects- a pretty interesting task but most definitely a good one to throw at students who will be limited by budgets the majority of their working life as designers. So their concept will grow as their sponsorship hunt progresses.

Auckland Architecture Student projectAuckland Architecture Student projectAuckland Architecture Student projectAuckland Architecture Student projectPhotos supplied and by Julia Atkinson for Studio Home.

I’ll admit I get a huge buzz from getting a peek into student life – all that amazing creative talent getting flung around!! I’ll be back to visit the team in early October during their fabrication phase (can’t wait to see what they arrive at!) and again during installation and the opening of their project for the festival.
You can follow fifth and check out a short vid of their working model over at their tumblr.

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  2. Ewen says:

    Smart ladies, very inspiring on what they are working on!