Studio Home loves HP

Studio Home + Hewlett Packard NZI have never really officially shared with you my most exciting partnership to date – but with some relevant events on the horizon now seemed like the perfect time!
In October 2012 Studio Home and Hewlett Packard NZ got into bed together. It’s a beautiful thing. They armed me with an incredibly svelte and light weight Spectre XT laptop for my USA mission. So slim and trim that it could fit in my handbag no probs. On returning home and setting up my new Studio Home HQ in a small apartment in Auckland they came to the party again. While the Spectre is a mobile bloggers best friend, I needed a little more size for hours and hours online. Welcome into the mix the large and glossy HP 2511x monitor. A wireless keyboard later and I have a super functional (and good looking) spot to cruise the web on a daily basis. Hope you like the few pics from my apartment. Very much still a work in progress!

But this leads me to the next bit of news for you design lovers out there….

Studio Home + Hewlett Packard NZStudio Home + Hewlett Packard NZStudio Home + Hewlett Packard NZHorangiComing up on the Saturday the 23rd of March is the Auckland’s annual Urbis Design Day. HP is one of the chief sponsors and is helping Whitecliffe College students create what is to be an amazing installation at Silo Park. I will be flitting around on the day and checking out all the awesome collaborations. 
Tickets are up online and ready to be snapped up as your own. I personally would love to see you there!


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5 Responses to Studio Home loves HP

  1. Kate says:

    Gawjus, esp love all those plants.

  2. Mel says:

    Lovely!! I have seen that pic of that girl with the kissy face and rememeber being so close to purchasing it. Where is it from again?? was it on ETSY?? Thanks. x

  3. julia says:

    Hi Mel,
    Yes! The print is by a super talented young artist from Israel:
    JU 🙂

  4. Alex Fulton says:

    I’ll be seeing you there Miss A.

  5. Your nest is looking sooo great! Perfecto