Studio Home Pinterest

Studio Home PinterestIt’s happened. But maybe not in the way you expect!
I’ve decided to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon in the hope this might be handy for you Pinterest fiends out there. Instead of curating andpinning from all over the web (which is essentially what this blog is anyway) I have created boards containing all the images that I shoot myself. You will find the Behind Closed Doors, Creative HQ and Fly the Coop: NYC pics as well as boards with travel pics from around NZ, USA and hopefully further a field! I have uploaded the Colour Lover images in case they might be handy too.
I would love you to check it all out and follow me if you think these boards might spur some inspiration for you…and because I would love to follow you too!

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2 Responses to Studio Home Pinterest

  1. Emma says:

    Your photography is gorgeous and I am always thrilled to find another pinner to follow, particularly someone local! x I am also in love with your site!

  2. julia says:

    Thanks Emma! Stoked you like it!! 🙂