Studio Home - creative talent from the lands down under / Branding identity by Pop Creative, New ZealandI am definitely very open to submissions of work that you might like to share with Studio Home readers. Just take a few minutes to consider this before you email:

– Do you truly believe your work/product/project would suit the pages of Studio Home? (or are you having one of those “hell bent on getting your work out there days”…these are good things of course but try to be super targeted!)

– The blog world is pretty small and Studio Home shares a readership with quite a few other similiar blogs. In the interest of not boring my readers to death I try reallllly hard not to re-post news (like press releases) that I know these other blogs may be posting too. Can get a little embarrassing for all if we are releasing stuff on the same day. So if Studio Home is at the top of your list, I would absolutely appreciate the chance to check it out first and get that post up!

– Are you a New Zealander or Australian? (you can live anywhere in the world…)

– Are you based in New Zealand or Australia? ( you might have been born somewhere else)

Sounding good? Right next thing is:

– Images are so important. If you are starting out take the time to collaborate with an emerging photographer to produce some juicy beautiful examples of your work that would look great online.

– Images for Studio Home need to be no less than 1000 px wide to make them look great

– Images you have an agreement with your photographer/stylist etc for crediting then PLEASE include their name, website and social media links when you supply imagery so that I can be sure to link and credit correctly

– We also now welcome complete contributed stories. (Please don’t send your thinly veiled advertorial…you know who you are.)
You may be a photographer, filmmaker, story teller or an adventurer, expert/knowledge collector or even the person behind a brand and businesse who them self would like to compile, write and share your OWN stories via the Studio Home blog.
We accept content that has been published or shared elsewhere providing it fits in nicely with us and the quality of the other posts we put out there.
As far as we are concerned YOU own your content, we simple offer you another audience to share it with.

As long as the boxes above can be ticked, types of stories that would appeal (but we are not limited to) are artist profiles, studio visits, home features, personal creative projects, travel stories, “how-to’s”, behind the scenes of brands, opinion and advice pieces related to the design or creative world….

We are  very interested in hearing more so please read on below and see our contact details.



Over the last 9 years our model has been to act as a platform to promote local brands, products, projects and people and delivering their stories to a wide, interested audience at no cost.
Out integrity is REALLY important to us but in order to keep the wheels turning for both the people we promote and the people who receive our weekly posts at no cost –  successful submissions will be invoiced for a $75 + gst Administration Fee.

This covers our time and effort and IS NOT a payment for your post (if we were working on a true advertorial type system; the payment would be much more!)
The payment also doesn’t alter our normal course of deciding successful submissions, curating our own selection of your images and using our own words to communicate you to our audience in the way that feels best.

Just remember that sometimes what you have to offer might not be quite right for Studio Home. But I will always email you back with any other ideas of spots that would be better!

Drop Julia an email at:
Subject line: Submission