Subscription changes

I am not very excited about this post, but it is one out of necessity and I think in the long run is a good move! I am pulling the plug on offering Studio Homes feed on a subscription basis direct to email as it is a deceptively expensive process. I can hear you all sighing with boredom…me too!

But!! (note the sparkiness!!!) there are so many other wonderful way to keep tabs on what happens in the Studio Home cyber world! There is Facebook for you addicts out there ( I repost links to most posts daily), there is the Twitterdom (which is an odd world but seems to be popular with many!!) and there is the easy as RSS Feed button up the top left that will allow you to subscribe to all the posts directing to a platform like Google Reader, Bloglines, My Yahoo and more. Or…you could just set aside a sneaky few mins a day or lazy wine in hand half hour on a Sunday to catch up on the goodness.

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