Suffer the Comfort!

I was looking through a local NZ lifestyle mag a couple of days ago and saw an image of some fantastic, simple, casually and comfortably cool bed linen…from an NZ site no less!!!! So I committed…or so I thought…the website to mind and , well, wouldn’t you know. I spent about an hour trying to remember…living modern, modern living, live mod….went on and on and on. SO!!! Was back at the house with the mag today and there is no way I will ever ever never ever forget that this gorgeous range is from a company called LIFE MODERN….and I really really like them lots! Especially what they have to say….

You spend approximately a third of your life in bed, why not have a bed that looks good and is a bit different? We love simple designs and the ability for our customers to be creative and mix and match the products we bring out. All our prints and products can be paired together and can look sophisticated or a little quirky. “
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