Super Susie!

Last Friday night…or maybe Saturday morning..(its hard to say) I was chatting to a girl that was with some friends. We were going through the throws of “where are you from”, ” what do you do” etc etc. I mentioned the blog and she said “Are you Studio Home!!!” That was pretty awesome! A local person that reads my blog, every day in fact!

So Susie of Queenstown, thanks for giving me a little piece of your day 🙂
(apologies if your name is actually spelt Suzie!!)

Check out Oye modern for the cutest ….. not a big fan of “cute”. Shall we say FUNKIEST peg earrings from Victoria Mason.

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5 Responses to Super Susie!

  1. Look Left Karen says:

    Yes! I think your blog is pretty bloody fabulous too! You are a prolific poster which is always exciting and your posts are interesting and well written to boot! Yay! And I am local in a national kind of way…

  2. Teresa says:

    I’m in Auckland, and follow your blog too! It’s refreshing to get a local take on things, what with following a couple of hundred art and design blogs on my feed reader (many of which are foreign)!

  3. Ju says:

    Thanks guys! Love love love hearing from you ! 🙂

  4. mcattack says:

    Haaa!! That’s awesome that you mentioned me, Julia! It was great to meet you! As always, I’m daydreaming with the help of studio home… See you about the town soon I’m sure! 660 playin on fri night whoop whoop! Suzy

  5. Ju says:

    Oh you are S.U.Z.Y!! Dam.
    Wicked to meet you my dear 🙂