Superstar Stylist

So my scans are abit wonky but I reallllly wanted to share these pics of super star stylist (wife. mum AND international pilot!) LeeAnn Yare’s home! I got my “Your Home and Garden” in the mail today and couldn’t even get to the middle without gasping and LOVING everything!! This magazine seems to get better and better with every edition.
When I was the visual merchandiser at the Auckland BoConcept store, LeeAnn used to come in and select bits and pieces for her shoots. We used to all kind of twitter and whisper once she had gone…”did you know that she is a pilot?????” LeeAnn is gorgeous and creative…and not immediately “pilot like” (not sure what the pilot archetype is …but it wasn’t LeeAnn!!) Anyway, I love her work and she is about it take on a new creative role as a consultant on TV2’s show Trading Houses.

Photos by : Helen Bankers

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3 Responses to Superstar Stylist

  1. Scatterbrain Tal says:

    I really like this kind of design! the great combinition of colors and beautiful patterns.
    thanks for sharing:)

  2. Swonderful says:

    Oh! We did exactly the same thing when I merchandised for freedom! I couldn’t believe it when I found out she was a pilot! hehe.

  3. says:

    just stumbled apon these lovely comments…the joy of googling your own name hahaha. thankyou so much and i am so glad you like my home…often the homes of creative people are nothing like the work they do (and only my massive vintage air nz memorabilia collection gives away my other job!), i guess mine is a mix of the two but it’s pretty mad and ever changing! watch out for Trading Houses which starts Monday 27th April 7.30pm on channel 2…its real and funny and you will cringe at times but we create some pretty amazing transformations on a pretty small budget!
    thanks again, LeeAnn