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Beneath the Sun

Beneath the Sun - Studio Home Leah Bartholomew was the last interview I did during my crisscrossing of the Gold Coast region. I would like to say lucky last, but in all honesty, I felt like me and my sister were the lucky ones! The creative headquarters of Beneath the Sun is tucked against a small thickly forested hill just a few blocks from the beach in Coolangatta. Leah and her partner, Building Designer; Tim were relaxed and barefoot – oozing the friendly coastal vibe you would expect from those living in such a beautiful region. While my sister and Tim retired to the large back deck for a beer, Leah and I took up the corners of each end of a squishy sofa to chat about her little art based empire and how it all took root. Beneath the Sun - Studio HomeBeneath the Sun - Studio HomeBeneath the Sun - Studio HomeA born and bred Gold Coast girl, Leah was all sun, surf and sand until she made a move to Melbourne to study Graphic Art. Her aesthetic and skills didn’t go unnoticed and she was snapped up as the assistant for prolific creative, Beci Orpin. For 5 years Leah assisted Beci on a myriad of projects for a super collection of clients including Insight, Mambo, Roxy, Gorman, Jethro Jackson, Built by Wendy in NYC and Irony in Japan. She was supported in her own development with the completion of two solo shows. Beneath the Sun - Studio HomeBeneath the Sun - Studio HomeBeneath the Sun - Studio HomeBeneath the Sun - Studio HomeIn 2011 the sub tropical sea breeze of the Gold Coast called her back. Leah’s first passion is painting and her art was heavily inspired by nostalgia and her childhood on the coast – heading home to family just felt the right thing to do.  With a plan in place Leah and Tim moved first to the hills inland of Coolangatta to get things kickstarted, then after a year back down to the beach to enjoy the seaside lifestyle. Beneath the Sun - Studio HomeBeneath the Sun - Studio HomeBeneath the Sun - Studio HomeLeah always knew that she wanted to apply her art and design to homewares, so a collection of products began to take shape under the moniker; Beneath the Sun.  She was able to call on her the extensive network of makers and friends that she had built over the last 10 years to suss out how to get it off the ground. And as per usual, she maintained her freelance work creating textile prints and graphics for big business clients and has also begun working to fill the demand of commissions for her paintings. Beneath the Sun - Studio HomeBeneath the Sun - Studio Home But how exactly does a small company like Beneath the Sun actually produce their products? I know…I can hear you covering your mouth and whispering “….China…” but you have got it wrong. Determined to create a true local brand, Leah set out to disprove the perception that it is not financially viable to manufacture products in Australia. She networked and researched her local area with a vengeance. Soon she had collected a handful of small and talented teams to deliver her vision. Beneath the Sun - Studio HomeBeneath the Sun - Studio HomeBeneath the Sun - Studio HomeBeneath the Sun - Studio Home The little faceted Gem vessels are made by two sisters in the hills supplying ceramics to a number of local set ups. She has another team of local women who sew her cushions and bags while the wooden products have their pattern applied by a fantastic local printer and are finished by Leah and Tim in their backyard! The furthest suppliers are Melbourne’s Frankie + Swiss who print the beautiful ( I can vouch for this!) pillowcase collection and Printink Studio who screen print her cushions. To me this is a modern brand making “stuff” the old collaborative way. Beneath the Sun - Studio HomeBeneath the Sun - Studio HomeI am not sure when our interview really officially finished as we found all four us sitting around the table, drinking beer and sharing stories that regularly crossed from work to personal life. With so much to talk about we ended up moving down to a beachside burger joint (owned by a kiwi!) to continue annnnnnd feed our faces. It’s up there as one of the more idyllic Easter Fridays I have had!Beneath the Sun - Studio HomeBeneath the Sun - Studio Home

All photography by Julia Atkinson for Studio Home

Despite many misconceptions about the area, the Gold Coast can grow, support and cultivate creatives in a way that rivals many popular centers! I am ready to head that way for a sabbatical!

 Painting by Leah

 I shot of a recent commission by Leah. Photo supplied.
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Golden Days


I received an email from Beneath the Sun yesterday with their new range attached. WOAH. I definitely do seem to be riding a bit of a colour wave at the moment but I think it is to do with all the spring/summer collections suddenly being available!
My personal picks would the little gem vessels and those spotty pillow cases. What is grabbing your eye?






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Finders Keepers Part.2

Standout home wares designers included The Mod Collective, whose master craftswomen Valissa Butterworth’s appreciation of colour, form and the very essence of modernism provided particular visual splendour.

All images: Mod Collective

Butterworth’s work stands on it’s own, as does her ability to curate a kaleidoscopic showcase of precision moulded ceramics in all the colours of the rainbow. We left the stall with a sneaking suspicion that this is one name to watch.

Not far across the floor, were regional Victoria’s ceramic darlings; Angus & Celeste whose extensive collection included ceramic hanging baskets, decorative vases and boutique jewels strung on silver chains which drew a swollen queue of feverish customers.

All images: Angus + Celeste

Textiles both vintage and new age, were represented in full force. Alongside eco friendly and oh–o-sweet brand Mookah, were up and coming Beneath the Sun. Entering the stage as a welcome revival of colour blocked and playful pillow slips, cushion covers, novelty tea towels and (not surprisingly) a side of delightful stationary. Byron Bay’s Leah Bartholomew has been running the brand for less than a year, and is already making her mark. As colourful and vibrant as her textiles – we were able to sneak a few pretty pics (thanks Leah!)

All images: Beneath the Sun

Moving right along to Ernest Hope, where Sydney based textile and fabric enthusiast Erin, has also gone wild on cushions and pillows, but in her own special way. Having collected fabric for the past 20 years, Erin’s cushions feature their own little slice of history. Salvaged drapery from a dated Miami Hotel is turned inside out and paired with Belgium linen, creating muted tones of days gone by. A series of intricate lace doilies from the seamstress’s very own wedding have been hand sewn onto cushion covers, leaving no one item the same and all have cleverly imbedded a story of their own. Ernest Hope’s one off pieces have spawned a mini revolution of ‘couples’ cushions – featuring thread sewn names against vintage hues.

All images: Ernest Hope

Like a moths to a bright flame, we were drawn to a particularly curious chameleon who appeared from her own jungle of elaborate light and colour. Tamara, was the face behind Retro Print Revival, whose mesmerizing one off refurbished lamps feature 1960s and ‘70s ceramic bases matched with vintage fabrics. Shades featured a fabric edition of Frida Kahlo’s garden, monochromatic geometric prints and a version of Eric Carle’s legendary ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ – a must for any well informed nursery.

All images: Retro Print Revival

Among many other stand out exhibits were Masai Mara Jewellery by Kristina Brenke and Mara & Nick’s Melbourne based Print Space, displaying a beautiful collection of graphic prints.

All images: Print Space

As the afternoon drew to a close, we fell upon the good girls from Frankie Magazine, whose mags had sold out bar their very last copy but who were only too happy to have a chat. The Frankie team are celebrating the recent release of a new publication, ‘Smith Journal’.  Frankie’s largely feminine roots have wriggled into a brave new space of ‘man reading’ (for lack of better phrase) and Smith Journal reveals an authentic alternative to existing men’s magazines which are sadly awash with semi clad airbrushed ladies and luxury brand toting millionaires. Thank you Frankie for changing the way our men read!

Image: gorgeous girls from Frankie mag.

WOW. What a day – what an event – and what an inspiration. The Finders Keepers is a must for anyone looking to experience grass roots trade of world class design wares. The people, the colour, the excitement and the lack of compromise to living the creative dream was rife – and we left feeling the love.

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bright and nice

I have a real thing for pillow cases that don’t match the rest of my bedding and these new designs from Beneath the Sun are in my sights. Especially those bottom ones….

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