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Insta Love 3

Instagram- @studiohome Studio Home instagram feed – shot of a Fort Standard bottle opener at Everyday Needs

After further indulging my love for instagram and its constant flow of inspiration I have collected up another swathe of NZ and Aussie feeds that you might be into!

Instagram - @jenna_roweInstagram - @jenna_roweJenna Rowe : is a graduate architect living in Sydney. Her feed offers beautifully shot snippets of her life and her obvious pared back sense of style. Nice blog too!

Instagram- @kelseygennaInstagram- @kelseygennaKelsey Genna : One of NZ’s most exciting bridal designers, Kelsey has a gorgeous feed with pics of her dresses in action and her studio. Not to mention her new blog The Flower Bride which is pretty damn lush!

Instagram- @meghan_plowmanInstagram- @meghan_plowmanMeghan Plowman: Perth based Meghan lets us in on the outtakes and finds involved in being (an obviously talented!) lifestyle photographer and stylist.

Instagram - @jasminedowlingInstagram - @jasminedowlingJasmine Dowling : is a 21 year old Brisbane based graphic designer who fills her feed with gorgeous vignettes, words of wisdom and style shots from her blog. Fresh and cool.

Instagram - @sammblakeInstagram - @sammblake

Samm Blake: is one of my favourite Australian wedding photogs and her feed takes you all around the world including adventures in Iceland and life in NYC.

Instagram - @t_w_o_o_n_eInstagram - @t_w_o_o_n_e

Twoone: is a Japanese born, Melbourne based INSANELY talented artist. His feed covers his street work around the world, his gallery shows and some process shots. I’m addicted. I’ve also posted about him here before.


Amber D : MAC Senior Artist for NZ and Australia, Amber D’s feed has super handy and inspiring glimpses at her work from behind the runway curtain!

Instagram - @juliatrybalaInstagram - @juliatrybala

 Julia Trybala : is a young artist who fills her feed with finished creations, exhibitions, collabs and peeks into her Melbourne life.


Want more Insta food?
You can check out the two other posts I have done of my down under favourites here.

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Insta Love 2

Instagram: studiohomeShot from Studio Home instagram.

Due to the great feedback I had on sharing my current favourite NZ/AUS instagram accounts last week – I thought I would do it again! Mostly because one post wasn’t nearly enough and in the nature of that visually generous app I have stumbled across and am enjoying so many more!
Happy weekend skimming my friends – and please feel free to drop any of your favourites into the comments below.

Instagram: katrinalee11

Katrina Nurse: Follow this beautiful and talented “slashy”  (hairdresser/ DIYer/ blogger/ all round handy woman!) and her family as they build their dream home in North Canterbury. Believe me…you’ll get hooked into the progress updates!

Instagram: doctorcooper

 Doctor Cooper: A Sydney based  feed of general floral excellence. Wow.

Instagram: lineslikes

 Lines Likes: Alice Lines is the Editor and Creative Director of NZ interiors mag; Homestyle…and in case she wasn’t busy enough she decided to take on the #100daysproject by producing AMAZING culinary creations daily. I die.

Instagram: hannahcamer_on

 Hannah Cameron: a steady flow of beautifully captured scenes of country life from a Central Otago photographer, creative and Mum.

Instagram: bridgetbodenham

 Bridget Bodenham: for anyone with a weak spot for ceramics – a sustained and torturous feed of amazing work from this Melbourne based artist.

Instagram: ellewills_ & elle_wills

 Elle Wills: AMAZING process and finished product shots (sometimes vids too) from this young and insanely talented Australian illustrator. Currently she is running two accounts – transferring followers from this one to this one. (I’d follow both …)

Instagram: iamalchemyInstagram: iamalchemyInstagram: iamalchemy

 I Am Alchemy: I needed to share a series of shots from this feed to show you how gorgeous it is! Belinda is a designer, maker, collector and in my opinion a most awesome iPhonographer. Those of you with a pentient for stealing foliage will love it.


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Insta Love

Studio Home Instagram

Studio Home Instagram

I’ve developed a fairly major love for instagram and its constant flow of inspiring visual food. I have also been really surprised at not only its ability to connect me with so many new and exciting creatives but also lots of new readers from all over the world. So I thought I would share with you my current favourites that I follow from New Zealand and Australia. As I was pulling this together there were sooooo many more I realised I could include!
Please feel free to recommend others in the comments below!

Stephanie Somebody InstagramStephanie Somebody – A Melbourne based styling and creative GENIUS!!!! (also part of the dream team of teachers with The School where she shares her instagram knowledge…more on this coming soon!)

Jim Pollard InstagramJim Pollard – A Queenstown based photographer who shares dramatic shots from the majestic region he calls home.

MISO InstagramMISO – a prominent and well respected Melbourne based artist who also shares the little home made tattoos that she trades with friends.

Natasha Mead InstagramNatasha Mead – an Auckland based graphic designer and front end developer who has a feed full of beautiful, moody still lifes.

Colin Boy InstagramColin Boyd – a relentless adventurer Colin will take you into the wilds of NZ where he spends half his year and then who knows! This year we’ve seen Japan, South America and the States…

Hello Emilie InstagramHello Emilie – this Sydney based designer/maker will blow your mind at the potential for smart phone photography and styling. Love it.

Emma Leonard InstagramEmma Leonard – I just can’t get enough of the virtual peeps over this artists shoulder as she posts progress updates of her work.

Kit & Nancy InstagramKit & Nancy – an amazing and sometimes hard to believe (it really is that quaint and fairytale-esque at times!!) feed from a Brisbane born and now Rotterdam based creative.

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