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Junior's - a design blog for the parents down under. juniorsdesignblog.com - a Studio Home Project. Illustration by Emma Leonard.So for all of you Studio Home friends that avoid social media channels – its possible you have missed the very public fluster I got myself into as I launched a BRAND new blog last night!!
It’s become verrrry obvious to me over the last couple of years that as I grow older, so do many of my dear readers which means many too are now Mums, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents or like me suffering a growing “serial-baby-snatching” issue.
I have always made a point of avoiding posting on child specific products and brands as we all know, that unless you are “up to” that stage in your life, this content is boring and irrelevent. SO…I decided to make a whole new blog just for those people!

Junior’s aims to fill a niche in our part of the internet world by offering kids and family based content exclusively focussed on New Zealand and Australian designers/brands/makers and creatives. You can expect new content on a daily basis (weekdays) and a growing archive of FOCUS posts where we invite interesting experts/visitors/personalities to inspire, teach us some stuff and hopefully offer a few “lightbulb” moments!

I will only ever occasionally share Junior’s content with you here and only if it is really relevant to you and the Studio Home vibe. I hope I’ve created a spot that you can happily graduate to at some stage but please, we love you here, so don’t leave forever!

This only happened for the sole reason that you have given me the guts to follow my bloggy instincts by continually supporting what I try to do here.

That beautiful illustration was made especially for Junior’s by loooong time Studio Home fave babe; Emma Leonard. And once again, the quick working pro Mickey Ross of Micimage gave me a clean, easy to use and nice looking site. So THANKS to you guys soon.

Enough with the novel! – I welcome you to come check Junior’s out.

Ju xoxo

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Studio Home

WHAT: my lovely little 3 bedroom rented house where I spend many hours a week researching blog content, mostly with my feet up on that day bed.

WHERE: the incredibly special small town of Wanaka, which mixes its country roots with sweeping natural beauty that has it firmly listed as a world renown tourist destination.

WHO: I share the flat with two very awesome flatmates, Prue and Jase who have kindly taken on the task of living with Horangi, a large tiger-like feline with an abnormal personality and insatiable hunger.

DESCRIPTION: most of the pics I took in our sunny living room. The majority of all the furniture, art and general homey items in the house are mine. It is a large mish mash of furniture my parents bought when they got married, second hand finds and masses of useless but beautiful “stuff” that I have collected over the last 10 years. I have a huge nesting gene. When I move house I will put pictures up on the wall before unpacking the kitchen cupboards or putting clothes in drawers. I love to swap up furniture and even decoration depending on the season but unfortunately my attention to detail is of no help to my absolute inability to keep my bedroom in a tidy state. The house is incredibly sunny which makes the day bed a bit of a trap on a hung-over Sunday and we are all under no illusions that not many people get mountain views from their humble rented home.

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