Tepid Distortions

Now take a close look my friends, because that top image is a g.r.a.p.h.i.t.e  d.r.a.w.i.n.g. not a black and white photo. These works are by artist Kristy Griggs who has divided her last few years between her homeland of Australia and NZ. I look forward to keeping tabs on her upcoming work! You guys can stay in touch by tapping on the “Like” on her FB page.

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3 Responses to Tepid Distortions

  1. INCREDIBLE!!!! I thought the first was a photo. Amazing talent.

  2. Roslyn Elms says:

    Amazing, incredible art. Just love it! Words cannot describe how ubbelievably talented this artist is!!

  3. Roslyn Elms says:

    * Unbelievably talented, also!!!