the air up there….

The holiday’s this year bought an obsession of all things TREE and HOUSE!!! My sisters man friend gave her a beautiful french book on modern day tree houses, and this coincided with the trip to our Bach in the Sounds and me with my face pressed against the window north of Kaikoura checking out the Hapuku Treehouses and Lodge. So it is only fitting to share with you all the recently completed “Yellow Treehousenorth of Auckland. To find out more about the project you can visit the site and read Tracey’s blog detailing the construction and process of such an exciting structure!! While the project to build a restaurant in the treetops was a unique marketing exercise for the Yellow Pages, the actual concept and construction issues were solved by The Pacific Environments Architects.

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2 Responses to the air up there….

  1. carina says:

    oh yes…this place looks amazing! I saw it on the news, or the breakfast show or something and was completely blown-away. I want to go!!

  2. sweet paul says:

    I do belive this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
    Wow, love it!