The Cresta Run by Andy Bamford

CRESTA 011-012 from andy bamford on Vimeo.

Andy Bamford is a talented kiwi filmmaker currently based in Stokholm and someone I’ve had the pleasure of working with before. But was actually a conversation about the sport of Skeleton spurred on by the Sochi Winter Games (which I am generally obsessed with!) that reminded be of an amazing short film made by Andy a couple of years ago.
He had the privilege to be the videographer at the Cresta Run in St Moritz, Switzerland for 2 consecutive seasons  (2012-13).  Above is the edit he made following his first winter and below the follow up from 2013. It wasn’t just his really beautiful film making skills I wanted to share with you – but also what it is to be a mad keen amateur in what looks like the craziest sport!
Nice foil to the top level competition on the TV at the moment!

CRESTA TEASER 2013 from andy bamford on Vimeo.

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