the goodness of being good

Must admit that I plan to totally MINE the goodness that is Peppermint Mag tonight!! Kelley sent me a couple of copies and I am totally bowled away by the gorgeous layout, great finds and “not too in your face” ethical, green content. Without sounding insensitive…as much as I care about the planet and am interested in being as responsible in my buying as is possible…I HATE having the whole sustainable, green thing shoved down my throat. It just makes me shut off. If you love fashion, design and are open to improving your lifestyle to respect the lovely mother earth AND overseas labour that slave over our “stuff” then you will welcome this mag and its styley alternatives with open arms!

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One Response to the goodness of being good

  1. Helen says:

    I picked up my peppermint the other day at the shop and I am in love!