The Green House Giveaway!

The Green House - Studio Home GiveawayThe Green House - Studio Home Giveaway

I know…it’s been a while BUT in light of the serious internet time that many of you will be hooking into with the impending weather rodent about to attack NZ – I thought a wee giveaway might be in order!

The team at NZ Skincare Co. have put together this awesome pack from The Green House range of home and body products for you to win. Actually I have THREE packs to giveaway! I have been personally using many of the products for the last month or so and feel excited about offering you guys the chance to try out these sweet smelling (top of the list for me!) products free of the worst toxic offenders and produced with sustainability in mind.

Hand & Body Wash – $14.95
Hand & Body Lotion – $14.95
Sweet Passionberry Candle – $19.95
Relaxing Bath Salts – $14.95
Refreshing Room Spray – $14.95
Aches & Pains Balm – $16.95
Total RRP – $96.70

Ella Walters – Hardman
Ingrid Arnestadt
Cory van Malland.

Thanks everyone!!


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54 Responses to The Green House Giveaway!

  1. Louise Matthews says:

    Bathroom & Floor Cleaner

    (I hope you meant this comments section! Thanks 🙂

  2. First Aid Balm

    and liked page.


  3. Amanda Crane says:

    Garden spray. Awesome package!

  4. Tracey says:

    Thank you for sharing Studio Home 🙂

    Handcrafted Soap (and i liked their page too)

  5. Kristy Sherriff says:

    Did you say free stuff? :p

    First Aid Balm


  6. heidi-ann says:

    handcrafted soap (what a treat).

  7. Joanne says:

    Oh the handcrafted soap and the dreamy coconut soy candle look a treat! It all does!! I liked the facebook page too, thanks for introducing us to The Green House!

  8. Nadia Pearl says:

    Handcrafted Soap!

  9. Jeni Fearnley says:

    Yum the hand crafted soap sounds lovely.

  10. Rachel Pinder says:

    Garden spray 🙂 Awesome looking products by the way!

  11. Prue says:

    first aid balm not included.
    might have to buy it anyway and strap to my bicycle!!

  12. The first aid balm looks like a perfect additive for my bag, esp with 3 young kiddies.

    Liked page too xx

  13. Tiffany Shervell says:

    Oh what yum products with no baddies included in ingredients.

    Dreamy Coconut soy candle – lush.

  14. Sarah Williams says:

    They also have garden spray 🙂

  15. Kat says:

    They all look great, will have to check them out!

    All Purpose Cleaner

  16. Lydia Pulford says:

    All Purpose Cleaner

  17. Desaree Borrie says:

    First Aid Balm

  18. Ingrid Arnestedt says:

    First aid balm

  19. Aasta says:

    Awesome giveaway!

    All Purpose Cleaner 🙂

  20. Ashley says:

    The first aid balm. Looks like a great range.

  21. Mora says:

    The first aid balm.

  22. amy says:

    The bathroom and floor cleaner looks like a good product. Lovely giveaway thanks

  23. Becky says:

    Hand crafted soap … but that is ok because I still have a few from the last factory sale you held.

  24. Laurelle says:

    First Aid Balm!

  25. Aly Bennett says:

    The sweet passionberry soy candle sounds delish! What lovely looking products – really dig their simple but stylist packaging too. Thanks for the intro 🙂

  26. Nicole Latham says:

    Garden Spray 🙂

  27. Rebekah Taylor says:

    Soy Candle – Sweet Passionberry, which looks devine by the way. I use their products already as well. I especially love the hand and body wash. It looks amazing in the bathroom, and its so lovely for everyone to use!

  28. Jane McCurdy says:

    First Aid Balm…. both that and the Aches & Pains Balm would be great in our house of boys.

  29. Sally says:

    The First aid balm. Beautiful goodies The Green House has!

  30. Rebecca P says:

    Garden Spray.

    Love their products!

  31. Aana Phillips says:

    Garden spray 🙂
    And liked/love their fb page

  32. Neave Griffin says:

    Soy Candle – Dreamy Coconut

  33. Frances Anderson says:

    First Aid Balm

  34. Eve Van Zeyl says:

    Bathroom & Floor Cleaner

  35. Cory van Malland says:

    Liked the page!! All Purpose Cleaner. I need especially some bath salts to melt the worries away in my spa bath, that I havent had yet in 9 months! This prize is AMAZING!

  36. Miriam says:

    First aid balm – perfect for having a toddler son who “likes to jump” off furniture.

  37. Tracey says:

    Handcrafted Soap, will not use anything else.

  38. Vicki says:

    Handcrafted soap.

  39. Lyn says:

    Dreamy coconut soy candle

  40. Liora says:

    The Soy Dreamy Coconut Candle sounds devine!

  41. Ella Hardman says:

    First Aid Balm:-)

  42. Jane Seymour says:

    First Aid Balm

  43. Jo Knight says:

    First Aid Balm.
    Thanks for featuring The Green House, looks like a super range.

  44. Bridget Radford says:

    Garden Spray….

  45. Sarah Crawford says:

    Dreamy coconut soy candle…sounds good! X

  46. “FACE SCRUB FOR MEN” Loving the green promotion. 🙂

  47. Kelly Armstrong says:

    First aid balm 🙂
    Have liked their page, lovely products!

  48. Annabel says:

    garden spray. x

  49. Annabel says:

    garden spray x

  50. Bernie says:

    first aid balm

  51. Lulu says:

    I like the look of the coconut candle! X

  52. Lauren Crawford says:

    The Soy Dreamy Coconut Candle sounds amazing! Coconut always make u feel like ur on holiday somewhere tropical… Love all the products! x