The Memory Keeper

These beautiful images are helping shred the head cold that has totally wrapped my brain up in concrete! The master behind the lense is Melbourne based Jonathan Ong and I have just spent hours trawling through his website and blog. Worth an extra special mention is the engagement party turned surprise wedding of fantastic aussie blogger Amy from Eat Love Chic shown above in the last five photos.

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4 Responses to The Memory Keeper

  1. Gifts of Serendipity says:

    How about those red balloons against the great white wall! A stunning image filled with joy.
    Thank you, I hope you feel a lot better soon. Go the Olive Leaf complex.

  2. Flick, says:

    All gorgeous images, and are absolutely defrosting me as I type.. The hanging bottles look fab, and any vases of pretty posies catch my eye!
    🙂 Flick

  3. style-for-style says:

    oh man I love those rustic stools!!!

  4. Valdja Maria says:

    adorei seu blog!