this is how we roll…

Alllrighty everyone!
Welcome to my new lovely, friendly service that is going to be there to assist all those out there wanting to create and manage a successful blog for their business/product/work TO DO SO!

Please take a wee trip sideways to neighbourhood inc. and take a look at the info. You may just know of someone out there floundering..perhaps an artist…perhaps a local sports club…perhaps that gorgeous little design store around the corner…perhaps even your local fantastic cafe that deserve more exposure and  the opportunity to draw more custom!!

It is a fact that many people are time poor and even more so, unsure and a little intimidated by the internet, but there is no denying you’ve got to be in to win. Something all of you reading this right now know!! So let neighbourhood inc. get them on the right track and if need be continue to hold their hand.

Would love your feed back ya’ll

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2 Responses to this is how we roll…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi tried to connect but itd not working !

  2. Ju says:

    Hi Helen,
    press on the links in the text or there is also an ad for the site immediatly to the right in the side bar.
    Would love you to visit