this isn’t a travel blog…

But after 11.5 hours NZ-LA, 7 hours lay over, 6 hours LA-NYC, a dawn taxi ride with a rad man called Patchooko and the insane subconscious insistance that I should go for a look around, I wanted to share with you what I saw. All pics largely shot from the Circle Line Cruises of Manhattan and surrounds. This is an amazing place. Yes, it’s a whole lot of “city” but the standing record of time in layers of architecture was kind of mind blowing!

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3 Responses to this isn’t a travel blog…

  1. Liv Harper says:

    Don’t you just love NYC?? Have THE best time! Loving the blog already xx

  2. Great virtual tour of the city just love love your pics…have fun!
    Carla x