to paper?

publisher textiles wallpaperWhen I was doing a lot of interior design a few years a go I tried SO hard to specifiy Publisher Textiles wallpapers, but often, with shipping and the NZ dollar, it was usually out of my clients budget. Last year I was working on a one off project with an on going client when we discovered that you her old farm house had such higglety pigglety walls that painting wasn’t an option. YUSsssssss….so we ended up papering her kitchen and dining in the delicate Magnolia in pencil and her spare bedroom in that gorgeous paper above. A mix up in measurements by her wallpaper contractor meant that I was lucky enough to walk away with almost two complete rolls. So right now, it’s slung over that shelving teasing me to be gutsy enough to find it a wall in my little apartment.

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2 Responses to to paper?

  1. Katrina says:

    What about getting friendly with a hammer and some 2 x 4 and make a big faux wall then cover it with that gorgeousness and put it shined your bed?? Ohhhhh, then you can take it with you…. If you can get it out?!? Xx