today is friday

This week has been large on the emotional front. Poor New Zealand is attempting to come to grips with the tragedy that has overcome our people in Christchurch. Makes you think of the important things….

1.  If I lived in Victoria…actually Australia you would have to hold me down from not attending this exhibition!!

2. Thanks to Here Comes the Sun you can check out the gorgeous pics of kiwi couple Benjamin and Elise at their wedding day. Follow all the links to find the brilliant vid! The photography was actually done by For You Love Me based in Washington DC? Not sure how that worked but lovely wedding and lovely documentation 🙂

3. New Beth-Emily prints at Signed and Numbered.

4.  A peek at new season Aussie and Kiwi fashion at Angel Divine

5. Awesome tees that support Christchurch Earthquake victims with style (and 100% of financial proceeds!!) from Mr Vintage

6. Dreamy photography over at Willowships

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2 Responses to today is friday

  1. sarah says:

    Hi Just wondering where the photo of the farm hut was taken – it looks remarkably like the farm that I grew up on! img 1902 1153

    • julia says:

      Hi Sarah 🙂

      I took the photo a couple of weeks ago at my friends farm Dalrachney Station, Lindis Pass, Central Otago 🙂