Too Good

Yesterday I got to take a peak into the creations lab of Good Ltd. This is a wicked, creative, youthful place that produces clothing, design and accessories completely relevant to the young, fun kiwi (or aussie for that matter!) Good is based in Auckland and headed by Lillie Toogood , who is supported by a team of half human, half lego man and quarter match box toy creatives. Hmmmm. That wasn’t meant to make sense, simply spur you to investigate the Good world alittle further and visit their fantastic website! Good is catching on too….they produced all the merchandise for last years Rhythm and Vines and their clothes have been worn as far a field as London by our own brilliant Black Seeds.
I think that Lillie is on to something. Watch this space!

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One Response to Too Good

  1. Joanna Goddard says:

    these tees are amazing! love the first especially.