Drawing by Amie Mills “this too shall pass”

New Zealands worst tragedy in memory hit last Tuesday the 22nd at 12.51pm. Christchurch, the city that I spent my high school, tertiary and many years in between got wrestled to the ground by mother nature.  It isn’t a city of shacks or poorly built structures, it is one of heritage combined with the evidence of economic growth and maturity that is seen across all cities of the western world. But now it’s people are tormented with grief and disbelief, the rest of us still living in our safe wee bubbles share their pain but will never really feel it as those that were there and witnessed the event do. After spending time with friends that have fled for relief in Wanaka, I have tried to put a lid on my own tears as they talk of what they have both witnessed and lost. Did this really happen in our little country of New Zealand? Guilt seems to touch everyone from those of us that weren’t there to those that were and survived. I guess that is only natural but eventually I think being thankful and grateful for what we have will replace this. Eventually I hope that NZ and Christchurch will become stronger and closer in spite of this event.

As it has been said a hundred times, disaster can put everything else in perspective. Life and family and friends is suddenly thrust strongly back to the top of priority lists. Yes…I know that should be the order anyway, but I am guilty of letting silly things like money, vanity and material things creep above them at times. This blog for instance lost a hell of a lot of importance last week and still seems incredibly meaningless. BUT its what I do and I will continue trying to do it well.  Everyone out there reading-please take the time to learn about what has happened here. If you have the means, please look into what you could contribute to ease the pain. New Zealand will huddle around our Christchurch friends and slowly pull them back up, but it is nice to know that the world around us can appreciate the enormity of what has happened to our little modern country at the bottom of the world.


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4 Responses to Tragedy

  1. Alex Fulton says:

    Beautifully said..

  2. Edwina says:

    Words Julia………so,so hard You put it beautifully honey 🙂 it is so hard over the other side “of the hill” when life continues to go on but your body feels mentally and physically ill, and tears seem to pour out at strange times.
    all my love to you and yours
    take care julia
    Ed x

  3. Emily says:

    Hi Julia,

    I spent four months in New Zealand last year and absolutely fell in love with the country. It is such a beautiful place with beautiful people. I was devasted to hear about the tragedy in Christchurch and my heart goes out to all of the people in New Zealand. I am from the USA and can tell you that so many people here are saddened by recent events – you are definitely in our hearts.

    I wanted to tell you how important your blog is; it is not, as you say, insignificant. It beautifully showcases the wonderful talent of so many New Zealand artists and designers and without the blog they wouldn’t get part of the recognition they deserve. You are helping art and design thrive – and art and design can make people’s lives immeasurably better.

    I “visit” New Zealand everyday with your blog – thanks so much for writing it.


  4. Kylie says:

    your words, that drawing, truly hearbreaking.