Tui’s are nutters

How many weetbix does Walter Hansen eat a day?? Cos he is one some kind of creative freight train at the moment! Yet ANOTHER awesome modern and surely iconic NZ inspired print has popped up at!
I love this explanation too:

As a kid, Walter loved building model jets. The application of the decals was his favourite part. After the baffling construction and tedious glue drying phase was over, he could kit them out in their squadron’s livery and get to dogfightin’ them around the house.
“Tuis, by my observation, are nutters and show-offs – and they should have their own decal set to celebrate that. These have a not-so-perfect finish (quite a lot like the plastic planes I used to make when I was 10) due to the surface and printing method which, as expected, suits the essence of the design.

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