under my umbrella..

Annnnd..finally tonight I present you with Umbrella Prints, a textile house started by Amy Prior and Carly Schwerdt.

“Carly and Amy worked separately, yet side by side for a number of years until finally realising how well they work as a duo. Their passion in developing FlipDolls has naturally grown into a beautiful suite of patterned designs on quality fabric.

The pair have a background in illustration, graphic design and visual art and love pushing the envelope.

Modern and beautiful printed fabric and products for everyone.”

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4 Responses to under my umbrella..

  1. Maria says:

    harlo! i saw Studio Home Creative featured in Peppermint and i thought, heyy i know that blog! pretty coool! 🙂


  2. Similar Simian says:

    You’ve been a busy little monkey haven’t you?

    Great stuff… love those little wooden bowls. They’d fit heaps more vodka than a shot glass.

  3. Moldova says:

    Nice decor