Under the sheets

This was a post to ponder over. I couldn’t decide what label to put it under….so it is freestyling and I knew that it was pretty much at the other end of the spectrum to furniture or jewellery design…BUT I think that Vixen Condoms are somewhat revolutionary! The packaging is gorgeous, so is the dinky wee tin…no longer do we have to have a ratty old box of boring durex, we can have the seductive, styley tin of Vixen! (I would also love to say that it comes with a bottle of man attractant…but no cigar) Whats more it is from downunder and affordable!!

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2 Responses to Under the sheets

  1. Alice from Marie Stopes says:

    Thanks for profiling us Ju!

    We’d also like to add that $1 from every pack of Vixen Condoms goes towards our work providing sexual and reproductive health services in developing countries ~ so you can literally ‘do it for charity!’.

    You can learn more about us at http://www.vixencondoms.com (don’t forget to check out the ‘cock puppet’ videos!) or at http://www.mariestopes.org.au.


    Alice Clements from Marie Stopes International Australia (the charity behind Vixen).