versatile to the extreme…and they look good!

I WILL have my own little Zaishu one day…in the mean time I just visit the Zaishu site to keep up with their ever changing collection.

“Zaishu is an award-winning, slot-together seat or small table that is decorated with unique designs from international artists. The name Zaishu is derived from the Japanese word ‘zaisu’, which refers to a traditional seat without legs used in Japanese homes.

Designed and made in Australia from native plantation pine, each Zaishu is printed using water-based inks and varnish. Certified as a Good Environmental Choice product, Zaishus are sold flat-packed and each part is simply slotted together for easy assembly.

Zaishu was launched in 2004 by Australian designers Matthew Butler and Helen Punton at the prestigious Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne and internationally at the Milan Furniture Fair and Milan Art Fair. In 2006, Home Beautiful magazine named Zaishu ‘Product of the Year’ and the Sydney Powerhouse Museum has two Zaishus in their permanent collection.”

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