WAS a billboard…NOW a bag!

Upcycling seems to be the catch phrase of the afternoon for me….here is another fantastic example of style springing from the strangest of materials!!

Glenda Keegan is a Kiwi designer who melds creative talent with a fierce practicality. Brought up on a Taranaki farm (where her dad taught her welding among other skills), she travelled extensively on trucks in Africa and worked in a range of different jobs before eventually thinking up her now highly successful WAS brand of bags.

For Keegan, a stint at a billboard company, and the realisation that barely-used billboard ‘skins’ are destined for the dump at the end of the latest ad campaign, sparked the search for a better way to use the hardwearing material. Four-and-a-half years of experimentation and heavy-duty sewing led her to the conclusion that bags made the best use of these durable and decorative textiles. Now she makes several versatile designs you can choose from, with parts of the billboards specially selected to ensure each bag is truly unique, funky and original.”

Find Glenda and her range at Clever Bastards

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