Welcome: Mr + Mrs White!


I am very happy to introduce you all to Mr + Mrs White and their beautiful simple design. The images above are a mix of product shots from their online store and corners of their own home which I think ooze the incredibly clean and natural palette that is backed up by their range. In short, they live and breath what feels right to them….and I am running at full pace behind them to jump on their bandwagon!!

Below is their “about” section from the Mr + Mrs White website. I think it is written so nicely I wouldn’t mess with it one bit! :

“We are a couple passionate about the home and everything that goes in it. Mr White makes the furniture and Mrs White makes the textiles. We are all about simple, honest, handmade design with a focus on the natural beauty of the material whether it be recycled timber, linen or leather.

Sit us down in an old house with ideas to renew and not tear down, fill it with wood furnishings and soft fabrics within walls of soft whites and oyster greys. We love collections of simple and complimentary items as well as the ability to create a space that is warm, inviting and always evolving. We design in order to create a space such as this.”

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