Welcome: That Vintage!

OOOkkayyy…I am paretty excited to welcome aboard the Tasmanian goodies of That Vintage. I have profiled Sophie Hill‘s wearable wooden works of art (that was totally coincidental rhyming!) more than once over the last three years and have loved seeing the brand propel forward.  It’s obvious to me and the internet and world of retailers that this is Sophie’s passion as she not only presents collection on collection of appealing jewellery BUT she takes her work seriously enough to present it time and again in a professional and exciting way! She has had Bec Winnel on board to draw softly pencilled models and the images above are just the most recent of many creative photo-shoots. Sophie should be an inspiration to small town designers looking to push and grow their work. Shop it people!!

Shoot above was by Jesse Hunniford – L.U.S.Y Productions and the model, Madeline Huett has just made the top 100 for Australia’s Next Top Model !!

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