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So for a good portion of this week I was in Wellington. I’ve got to admit I haven’t spent much time in the Capital, but I can honestly say after a full-bore two days I can’t wait to get back down there!
On Tuesday I covered some serious ground with three super different but equally inspiring interviews. The Mondegreen girls gave me a guided tour of their factory, the insiders guide to Petone and their cute pop up store. Becca O’Shea gave me a dose of major “apartment envy”, some valid advice on house plants and the tastiest damn apple cake EVER. ¬†And the Kowtow team had my jaw dropping a little at their inspiring story and exciting future (which I can’t wait to share with you all!!)

After checking out the impressive fresh and local food market; Moore Wilson’s – I was treated to dinner of goose mince sliders and duck freshly hunted and gathered by my friends the weekend before. With that and a night on the comfiest sofa in central Welly, I was ready to face my fears and speak to a room of local interior designers and industry about the plus’s of a strong online presence and how social media can boost their business. Thanks so very much to Designmade for inviting me to talk – despite my original jitters I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

So stay tuned! Next week I plan to do a major release of all the content I have chewing up space on my hard drive!

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