Whare in the Bush

Whare in the BushThis is really a pictorial intro to a project which I am itching to head up and shoot in its completion for you all! The Whare in the Bush was initially a project dreamed up and then bravely implemented by 4 kiwi female architects. Take some time to look through the photographs that show the progression of their building from the start (minus the blood, sweat and tears I would say!) to its current form. I just LOVE this kind of pioneering spirit and particulary one that results in a building!

Below you can also learn about their involvement with Architecture + Women and the exhibition that is running currently down at Silo Park (which I am off to check out today!) There is a packed schedule of events for Auckland Architecture Week which might interest many of you!

Hats off to these impressive women and I look forward to retelling their story in full!

Photos below supplied by the team.

Whare in the BushWhare in the BushWhare in the BushWhare in the BushWhare in the BushWhare in the Bush

This is an intro of their Architecture + Women exhibition on now as part of Auckland Architecture Week on now.

“The Whare in the Bush is a collaborative project by 4 women architectural graduates, Elisapeta, Beca, Ruby and Raukura, who are designing and building a 10m2 cabin/whare/hut with their own blood, sweat and tears and with the help of volunteers. All materials for the Whare in the Bush are salvaged or donated to the project which is part of the Architecture + Women Exhibition in September 2013.

The project originated from Ruby’s ‘some-time-in-my-life’ pipe dream to build her own cabin. This was sprung into action by Elisapeta who convinced the others to help make the dream into a physical space. The name for the project has been borrowed from Hans Peter Knutzen’s “Whare in the Bush”.

The Whare in the Bush pushes the notion of ‘the home maker’ through an impromptu design process and the reality of limited practical experience with hammers and power tools. Between them, 20 years of architectural studies but no building experience.

The Whare in the Bush encourages the time and/or expertise of volunteers for their project based in Matakana, Warkworth. Any help, from swinging a hammer and carting wood to making muffins and dressing blisters, has been gratefully received.

The project will be a work in progress over the coming months, culminating in a final fling working bee and a party, which will all be added to the short film being made of the cabins development.”

Images below supplied with thanks by Greg Campbell Photography

Whare in the Bush - Greg Campbell PhotographyWhare in the Bush - Greg Campbell PhotographyWhare in the Bush - Greg Campbell Photography


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3 Responses to Whare in the Bush

  1. How great is this!! Can’t wait to see more

  2. Ewen Yu says:

    Good work, I met Elisapeta at The Silo Park exhibition, nicely curated by her!