Whats in your chilly bin??

oooohh…got the latest Urbis in my mail box this morning, and as usual there are some great little goodies to be found deep within its glossy pages!! My favourite find would have to be the new NZ based stock photography site mychillybin !!For you Aussies…chilly bin = esky and for the rest of the world, chilly bin = cooler. I have had a trawl through and am sooooo impressed with the quality and massive range of images available! If only I was some high powered advertising exec…I would be pulling from this site left, right and centre. In saying that…its not pricey to join AND if you are a photographer (or wannabe photographer) you can submit work and maybe earn some coin! Yippee!!! AWESOME concept.
…right I think that I have exhausted my photography bender this week…will find some new goodies for you all .

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