Wilfred + friends

jardan Sorry, this is a bit of a late night, “dreams are free” kind of torturous post. I had simply set out to share with you that handsome sofa above (his name is Wilfred by the way) but then I got a little distracted by his collection of friends below who I thought would so nicely complete the family. Then I got tired of it all and thought…well… there you go, I could end my day in “Nook” – the most beautiful cosy bed in THE WORLD.

Thanks for nothing Jardan.¬†Excuse me while I go sleep another night on my “luxury” air bed. (not kidding!)

jardan jardan

This is all thanks to the new Inside Out and their beautiful feature styled by Julia Green – which ultimately introduced me to Wilfred and our doomed relationship.

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One Response to Wilfred + friends

  1. What have you done….. Wilfred is killing us all! So gorgeous